ROCKOLUTION: The Evolution of Rock ‘n Roll…

Experience the best of Rock and Roll from 1950 and call to mind how Rock music evolved over the decades.
Wellcast Band collaborates with STORM Produktionz on creating a tribute production that rocks you down memory lane - starting in the 50’s with your favorite hits by Elvis and Beatles and taking you through a Rock history timeline evolving into Old School, Evergreens, and Classic Hits, until eventually you are back beyond 2000 again.

We feel very strongly about good music. Over the years we’ve been exposed to various styles of music, especially as a result of the trade we are in. We meet so many people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. No matter how many songs we listen to and what type of music we play, it is when we play a Rock song that we truly feel like we are giving our all - performing our hearts out on stage.

Listening to an old Rock tune makes me feel like I’m where I am supposed to be - home”. From our travails we noticed that what is home to us, is not necessarily vaguely familiar to others and we felt the urge to share the great hits - and the history of it - with our audiences. These artists we bring tribute to are legends. Their music is history and of great importance. Everybody needs to know them and those who already know them need to be reminded of their great work”

This 6-piece cast pay tribute to legends including Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple and many many more. Rockolution is a spectacular show of musical quality and an awesome night out bringing back memories, songs and good vibes!